Prosecutors Alliance of California

Legal Empowerment

Capacity Building



Any successful movement for progressive reform of the criminal legal system depends on the people who work within the system. Prosecutors Alliance of California is poised to catapult the next generation of progressive prosecutors into both entry level and management positions within prosecutor offices, growing the number of prosecutors in offices that are committed to reform promises to keep the fledgling movement of progressive prosecution alive. PAC is a first-of-its-kind organization aimed at empowering prosecutors, victim advocates, and their allies to reform their state prosecutorial systems. The organization was founded and is led by women of color with deep expertise within criminal defense and prosecution. PAC focuses on activating prosecutors to reform their local and state prosecutorial systems. There is no other organization working to build out state level law enforcement infrastructure to sustain the reforms communities have been demanding for decades. They are cultivating a new voice within law enforcement to say we can engage in reform and have safe communities. Prosecutors Alliance of California received $40,000 in funding for 2023.