San Jose State University – Record Clearance Project

Legal Empowerment

Leadership Pathways

Bay Area

2022, 2023

The San Jos̩ State University (SJSU) Record Clearance Project (RCP) is the only clinical legal services program involving undergraduates in the country. It is both a leader and a vehicle for creating leaders, as it engages students to use the law to change lives. RCP itself models effective leadership practices as it works in novel ways to meet unmet needs. RCP develops leaders with confidence in their own abilities to similarly create effective collaborative change while continuing to monitor and adjust their strategies. Many RCP students come from communities similar to those of the clients they serve; commonly they have personal experience of driving needed change and recognize that their backgrounds give them exceptional perspectives on the challenges their clients face. The RCP fills a need for lawyers from low-income and immigrant communities, first-generation college students, people of color, and those underrepresented in the legal system. RCP reaches future leaders as undergraduates at a time when they are considering potential careers and inspires them to consider the law. San Jose State University РRecord Clearance Project received $30,000 in funding for 2022 and 2023.