Esq Apprentice

Legal Empowerment

Capacity Building

Bay Area

2023, 2024

Working at the intersection of gender equity, economic security and racial justice, Esq. Apprentice is the only program helping women of color attain law jobs and convert those jobs to sustainable legal careers. The barriers to attaining influential legal positions are especially stark for women of color. Esq. Apprentice makes the legal profession less illusive and provide real support towards sustainable legal careers. To ensure a more diverse legal profession while centering economic empowerment, and justice for all, Esq. Apprentice solves a multi-pronged need to create clear, accessible paths to the legal profession that are flexible, culturally relevant, and do not create insurmountable debt. By providing stipend support and helping low-income Black, Brown, and Indigenous women gain employment in law and become lawyers without law school or debt via legal apprenticeship, Esq. Apprentice is closing the women’s wealth gap now. Esq. Apprentice received $40,000 in funding for 2023 under the Capacity Building priority, and $40,000 in funding for 2024 under the Leadership Pathways priority.