For The People

Legal Empowerment

Leadership Pathways - Fellowship


2022, 2023, 2024

Historically, prosecutors have been the foot soldiers for “tough-on-crime” policies and were instrumental in filling our prisons. While many reform efforts addressing this issue focus on front-end solutions, very few concentrate on getting people out. Prosecutors are the most powerful actors in the justice system. They play an important role in diverting people from prison but also have a role in bringing people home from prison when their sentence no longer serves the interest of justice. For The People is creating new policies and leading a new innovative area of law that is changing the role of a prosecutor to one that considers justice far more broadly than ever before. They are advisors and bridge-builders who work from within to radically transform the system and ensure those whose voices matter most are at the forefront. We push the door ajar only for the community to open it even wider, expanding criteria, increasing releases, and passing laws in new states. FTP builds the playbook together so that they can ultimately put themselves out of business. For The People received $20,000 in funding for 2022, and $80,000 for 2023 and 2024.