Self Care + Healing 101

Sometimes, we get so caught up with work and activism that we forget to listen to the stress signs from our bodies. This is particularly true for those of us who are Black, Indegenous, People of Color, Queer, and First Generation. And yet so many of us are desperately looking for ways to care for ourselves and heal. Prentis Hemphill, a movement facilitator and coach, will help you develop a somatic practice and teach you how to better identify signs of burnout and stress.


Prentis Hemphill Headshots

Prentis Hemphill


Prentis Hemphill is movement facilitator, Somatics teacher and practitioner, and working at the convergence of healing, collective transformation, and political organizing. Prentis has spent the last 15 years bridging wellbeing and power building as a part of movement building organizations, most recently as the Healing Justice Director at Black Lives Matter Global Network. In 2016, Prentis was awarded the Buddhist Peace Fellowship Soma Award for community work inspired by Buddhist thought. At present, Prentis is the co-founder of Resilient Strategies, a project intended to deepen movement practice and understanding of politicized healing. Prentis is also a teacher of Somatics with Generative Somatics and with Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity.