Guided Meditation (4 part series)

Part of the 2023 Summer Series exclusively for ChangeLawyers Scholars + Fellows. This event series was not recorded.

Ever wonder what meditation is really all about? Come join a series of events beginning in summer 2023 where you can learn and practice meditation. This is an exclusive offering for members of the ChangeLawyers community, and absolute beginners are welcome. This introductory series will cover such topics as the physical and mental health benefits of a consistent meditation practice; introduction to breathwork; and cultivating wholesome and skillful states of mind.

Sessions ran from Tuesday from July 11 to August 1 from 12:00 to 12:30pm Pacific time (July 11, July 18, July 24, and August 1). Participants are encouraged to join the entire series but are welcome to drop in when they can.


Chris Punongbayan

Christopher Punongbayan


Christopher Punongbayan is the Executive Director of California ChangeLawyers, a community foundation whose mission is to build a better justice system for all Californians. ChangeLawyers empowers the next generation of legal changemakers through grants and scholarships totaling $1M+ annually.

Over the last twenty years, Chris has gained deep experience in social justice issues. He profoundly believes in giving voice to the unheard, breaking down barriers, and creating strategic alliances to advance equity. Prior to joining ChangeLawyers, Chris was the executive director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus and held positions in a number of nonprofit organizations in California and New York. He was formerly the Vice-Chair of the California Asian & Pacific Islanders Affairs Commission and the San Francisco Immigrant Rights Commission.

In 2003, Chris received a law student scholarship from ChangeLawyers, which first set him on his social justice path in California and he has never looked back.