Alyze Salan

Loyola Law School Los Angeles

Roche-Genetech scholar, sponsored by WilmerHale



Alyze Salan was born to a young single mother and grew up in the projects where her mother and father struggled to make ends meet. Her inspiration to become a lawyer stems from her upbringing where she witnessed and experienced domestic violence. After her experience with the criminal justice system as a victim of a crime at the age of 20, she decided that she wanted to work with victims of crime through work as an attorney. While she was going through the criminal justice system as a witness her 11 year old brother was arrested and charged with assault. This forced her to experience both sides of the criminal justice system and allowed her to see the faults in the system. Alyze wants people from disadvantaged backgrounds and people of color to feel comfortable reporting their crimes and while trying to improve the criminal justice system.  Alyze is a 1L at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California.

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