Northern Chumash Tribal Council

Legal Empowerment

Capacity Building

Central Coast


Northern Chumash Tribal Council (NCTC)’s mission is to offer a foundation for the Chumash people to bring our culture and heritage back to life, create dignity with the people, and educate the public that the Chumash have always been here, have not gone anywhere, and will always be here on one continuum. NCTC has been very involved in helping develop a strong network of partners to lead by example what collaborative management will truly look like with California’s Tribes. NCTC’s goals, in partnership with Indigenous communities like the Coastal Band of the Chumash Nation, are the development of Indigenous collaborative management and engagement with other collaborations, like NCTC’s involvement in the Indigenous Ocean Solidarity Alliance, which have allowed them to learn from and further support other Indigenous conservation efforts globally. NCTC’s ultimate goal is to be able to have a strong foundation to teach the next generation and to share our knowledge with Indigenous Peoples around the world. Northern Chumash Tribal Council received $40,000 in funding for 2023.