Community Justice Alliance

Legal Empowerment

Capacity Building


2022, 2023

With a vision for redefining immigration advocacy, Community Justice Alliance (CJA) is an immigrant rights organization serving California’s Central Valley. We seek to build capacity for sustainable removal defense services. CJA has a long vision of developing permanent legal positions to form: (1) removal defense programming for community members in need of relief in immigration court; and (2) fee-generating federal litigation. In leveraging the skill sets of the legal team to engage in a balance of fee-generating litigation and state-funded removal defense services, CJA can make inroads toward an achievable and sustainable legal program. While removal defense services are costly, they are not impossible to offer in a nonprofit setting. CJA seeks to reframe immigration advocacy in every facet of our service. When CJA was created, their founders knew that replicating the same services model of immigration services currently offered in the Central Valley would not lend authentic capacity. Community Justice Alliance received $50,000 in funding for 2022 and 2023.