Sarah Royer

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Fenwick & West



Sarah Royer is an environmental justice advocate. She is the fifth child of immigrants and was raised in a household that values finding your purpose and serving others. Her humble beginnings and lived experiences have fueled her passion for helping others. Sarah’s engagement in undergraduate research about environmental justice resulted in the article “Compounding Harm: Climate Justice, Hurricane Harvey, and Urban Planning in Houston” which will be published later this year. Sarah also served as a peer mentor for the Office of Undergraduate Research at the University of Central Florida. She is motivated by her desire for all people to enjoy the benefits of the natural environment as well as bear the burdens in a more equitable and just manner. With the burdens often resting heavily on communities of color, Sarah is committed to helping these communities thrive. She plans to advocate for equity in the planning and policy development processes of zoning and land use planning in order to foster environmental justice and social justice. As a rising 1L at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Sarah is the first in her family to attend law school.

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