Rosibeth Cuevas

USF School of Law

Consumer Attorneys of California



Rosibeth Cuevas is fueled by an unwavering passion to transform California’s legal system. Her ambition to pursue a career in law is rooted in her first-hand experiences of feeling persecuted and buried underneath the law. Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, she was plagued by the repercussions of a flawed criminal justice system and poverty. Her resolve to effect change was further solidified by surviving a fiery head-on collision between the charter bus she was a passenger on and a FedEx truckā€”a tragic accident that claimed the lives of ten individuals. Whether she ultimately chooses to specialize in criminal defense or personal injury, it is not just a career choice; it’s a profound commitment to making a difference, one case at a time, fueled by empathy and a fervent desire for equity. She firmly believes that through relentless advocacy and tireless dedication, she can contribute to creating a legal system in California that truly serves and protects every individual, regardless of background or circumstance. Rosibeth is a 3L at USF School of Law.

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