Neri Lozano

Golden Gate University School of Law

EBLRLA Scholarship Fund



Neri Lozano-Sanchez is resilient in the face of struggle and has remained hopeful all his life. Mentoring is at the heart of who he is, and he believes we all play a part in uplifting the community. During law school, he had the opportunity to clerk for the Public Defender’s Office in San Francisco and Contra Costa County. There, he saw many young men and women, like the ones he mentors, afforded little to no margin of error. He believes the criminal justice system is full of problems, and he is thankful for the experience he had working alongside courageous public defenders who were determined to advocate for their clients. He is aware of how a legal career can be put to good use and how it can give people stuck in the criminal justice system, hope. He wants to be a part of the change. Neri is a 3L at Golden Gate University School of Law.

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