Monique Ramirez

Golden Gate University School of Law

EBLRLA Scholarship Fund (East Bay La Raza Lawyers)



Monique’s motivation for being a change-maker within the criminal justice system stems from her first experience of stepping into a courtroom, at the age of nine. She witnessed firsthand how a lack of compassion and lack of just policy influenced her family when a close family member was sentenced to nineteen years in prison as a first-time youth offender. Ever since, she has been committed to advocating for marginalized and underrepresented groups who are often silenced within the system. Monique is passionate about using fierce and poised litigation in the courtroom to advocate for future clients. Monique was raised in the East Bay of the Bay Area, CA. She is humbled and proud to be a product of her grandparents who were migrant farmworkers when they immigrated to Salinas, CA in the 1960’s from Coahuila, Mexico. After passing the California Bar Exam, Monique plans to kick off her attorney career as a deputy public defender. Monique is a 3L at Golden Gate University School of Law.

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