Mayra Romero

California Western School of Law

Latina Lawyers Bar Association



As a law student, Mayra has learned to use her background and life experiences to promote best practices of inclusion and always work diligently as an agent of social change. She will work to enact fair legislation, public policy, legal remedies and end the social perversions caused by endemic discrimination. As an attorney she will be someone understanding and compassionate to her clients and peers in the courtroom. Although for many such tasks may seem idealistic, she believes this country has recently been forced to confront an important societal reckoning which has again set the groundwork for necessary change. She wants to and will be a positive influence in her community and all citizens of San Diego. She believes diversity is the community’s greatest asset, and believes that the best way to give back to her community is to expand on the efforts of private and public organizations that promote this important message of hope and unity. She will help foster diversity by inviting people from different social, economic, gender, sexual orientation, and geographic backgrounds to improve our communities. Mayra is a 3L at California Western School of Law.

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