Maribel Sanchez

Golden Gate University School of Law

EBLRLA Scholarship Fund (East Bay La Raza Lawyers)



Maribel Sanchez was raised by her immigrant family, which exposed her to the disparities that low-income undocumented migrant communities must face daily. The injustices she witnessed and experienced fueled her yearning for justice, naturally propelling her into a career in law. Her life goal is to assist those communities who lack access to adequate legal representation, while also empowering marginalized community members by helping them find their own voice. She also founded Helping Advance Student Success And Networking Initiative (HASSANI), a law school pipeline program which aims to diversify the legal profession by mentoring, inspiring, and ultimately helping underrepresented minorities get into law school. She hopes that her efforts will someday help create a more just and equitable world for all persons, regardless of their migrant or socioeconomic status. Maribel is a 3L honors student at Golden Gate University School of Law.

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