Kad Smith

University of San Francisco School of Law

California Lawyers Foundation



Entering law school with thirteen years of experience, Kad Smith is most passionate about changing the material conditions of BIPOC folks across the country. He spends a significant amount of his time focusing on civic engagement, political education, climate justice, and imagining the bridging of world-views across the globe. Kad focuses on providing practical solutions while keeping an eye out for profound possibilities. In law school, he plans to explore career opportunities in criminal defense, environmental law, or employment & labor law. Each of these areas of law would build on experiences he’s already had, either working with SEIU as a racial justice consultant, being on the board of directors for GreenPeace USA, or having gone through the juvenile justice system as youth offender. He is indebted to his late grandmother Dorothy Marie Smith, who sacrificed everything she had so he could succeed, asking only that he pay it forward when given the chance. Kid is a 1L at the University of San Francisco Law School.

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