Hanna Kim

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Born and raised in Korea, Hanna is a first-generation immigrant. Despite not knowing how to speak English, Hanna came to the United States on her own in pursuit of higher education in an environment with open opportunities for women. Hanna attended the University of California, Los Angeles, graduating with numerous scholarships and honors while majoring in Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology. Upon simultaneously completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as an undergraduate at UCLA, she continued her education at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, receiving her PhD in Biomedical Engineering. By combining her PhD training and legal education, she hopes to bring innovative treatment to the bedside, to lessen the suffering of patients from invasive medical procedures, to advocate for those who are voiceless in our justice system, and more. Hanna has been involved in pro bono projects, helping undocumented immigrants who fled from their home country due to gang violence obtain legal status in the US. Hanna is a 3L Berkeley Law.

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