free Pierre

UCLA School of Law

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips



A proud native of Newark, New Jersey, Sabyne “free” Pierre (they/them) is a spoken word artist, student of abolition, and, most importantly, a poet at heart. Their commitment to change revolves around their experiences living in a low-income community and their interest in understanding how queerness can be a blueprint for imagining new ways of being in community with one another. Sabyne is passionate about social change and uses spoken word poetry as a tool of empowerment. They are a Dartmouth College alum, after having majored in Government (Political Science) & a minor in African- and African-American Studies. They plan to participate in LGBTQ+ & housing rights and explore advocacy frameworks that are community-centered and led. When they’re not organizing or performing, Sabyne enjoys planning solo trips across the country & losing at trivia. They are a 1L at UCLA School of Law as an Achievement Fellow.

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