Dina Qubain

USD School of Law

Arab American Lawyers Association of Southern California



Dina Qubain is a first-generation law student who holds a deep-seated commitment to social justice, community service, and advocacy. Born in Amman, Jordan, where challenging the legal system posed significant difficulties, Dina embarked on a journey to the U.S. with a vision for equal opportunities within the legal field. Co-founding “Give with Love,” a non-profit dedicated to aiding refugees in Jordan, Dina showcased her ability to lead, innovate, and collaborate effectively, qualities that are essential for driving positive change within the legal system. Through her academic and professional experiences, including significant contributions in legal roles at RJS Law, Casa Cornelia, Eversheds Sutherland, and the U.S. District Court, Dina has demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between law, business, and government. Her active participation in mentorship and advocacy, especially in empowering women and the underprivileged, highlights Dina’s dedication to building a more equitable legal system. As an aspiring attorney in California, Dina is motivated to leverage her unique background and insights to create systemic changes, ensuring justice and equality for all. Dina is a 3L at USD School of Law.

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