Bola Hambolu

Berkeley Law

California Association of Black Lawyers



Bola holds a her steadfast commitment to transforming the legal landscape in California and beyond. Driven by a profound belief in justice and equity, Bola has spearheaded multiple initiatives to address systemic inequalities within the legal system in California. Her passion for legal reform was further ignited during a transformative semester in Accra, Ghana, where she not only developed and implemented a comparative legal ethics course to future law students, but also contributed significantly to the research and publication of emerging legal issues aiming to advance the African legal community. This international experience deepened Bola’s understanding of the global impact of legal frameworks and fueled her determination to apply these insights towards creating a more inclusive and fair legal system in California. Bola is committed to utilizing her legal education, diverse experiences, and unwavering work ethic to advocate for those marginalized by the current system, ensuring that every individual has access to justice and equal protection under the law. Bola is a 3L at Berkeley Law.

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