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Wednesday February 8, 2023

  • Progressive judge mocks SCOTUS (and offers a path forward for abortion)
  • The worst judge in the country could outlaw the abortion pill nationwide
  • 5th Circuit rules that domestic abusers can keep their guns
  • Why there was no racial reckoning
The nation’s largest federal appeals court has never had a public defender among the ranks of its judges


Wednesday February 1, 2023

  • Why do they want to erase Black History Month?
  • Put a Public Defender on the 9th Circuit
  • Conservative judges keep inventing facts
  • The police cannot be a law unto themselves
Sustained protests have taken place in Iran since the Sept. 16, 2022 death of Mahsa Amini, left, in police custody. Illustration by Franziska Barczyk for POLITICO


Wednesday January 25, 2023

  • The women of Iran are not backing down
  • New documentary shows Justice Kavanaugh is a man of anger and grievance
  • The Supreme Court is embarrassed once again
  • The 50th anniversary of Roe that never was
Rally Held For Phoenix Mercury Player Brittney Griner Detained In Russia


Wednesday January 18, 2023

  • The dream of Black lawyers in America
  • I chose to compete as my true, trans self
  • The Supreme Court Justices don’t seem to like each other
  • The conservative legal movement’s assault on regulations continues
Harnett gives advice to a woman she was locked up with who is still in prison. Photo Brenda Ann Kenneally


Wednesday January 11, 2023

  • Progressive lawyers start pro bono firm to defend democracy
  • The story of the jailhouse lawyer who set dozens free
  • The lawyer working to end the rape exception
  • SCOTUS is coming after the right to strike
One study found that the Supreme Court led since 2005 by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. has been “uniquely willing to check executive authority Haiyun Jiang:The New York Times


Wednesday December 21, 2022

  • What progressive judges need to do
  • What a Black Judge’s family history teaches us that representation matters
  • California Bar went after Black lawyers while giving Tom Girardi a pass
  • The rise of the “imperial Supreme Court”