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Two women walk up the steps of the Supreme Court building, credit Damon Winter, The New York Times


Wednesday November 29, 2023

  • More Native judges on the federal bench
  • Culture is how we heal generational violence
  • The conservative vision for the future is inequality for women
  • The fringe legal theory that could destroy the government
Jesús Ociel Baena Saucedo,credit AP Images


Wednesday November 15, 2023

  • How activists + lawyers ended cash bail
  • Mexico’s first nonbinary judge and prominent LGBTQ activist found dead in their home
  • Originalism is bad, indefensible jurisprudence
  • SCOTUS’ new code of ethics has a fatal flaw
FTC Chair Lina Khan talks with students at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, credit Steve Craft, POLITICO


Wednesday November 8, 2023

  • The next generation of law students are obsessed with Lina Khan
  • First gen law students graduate with higher debt
  • The law that ended slavery is now being used by conservatives to end affirmative action
  • SCOTUS’ newest gun case is a humiliation for the conservative legal movement
LGBTQ supporters demonstrate outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., on October 8, 2019, credit ALEX WROBLEWSKI, GETTY IMAGES


Wednesday November 1, 2023

  • The most broken court in America
  • The antisemitism I see on campus is on a whole new level
  • Conservative lawyers want SCOTUS to overturn conversion therapy bans
  • The SCOTUS case that could have life-changing consequences for anyone caught up the police
Illustration of gavel being passed between pair of hands, credit Sam Whitney, The New York Times


Wednesday October 25, 2023

  • Why it matters that a Black Woman argued the most important redistricting case of the year before the Supreme Court
  • The lawyer who orchestrated the right’s Supreme Court supermajority
  • SCOTUS is seriously considering whether domestic abusers have the right to own a gun
  • Appoint more judges. Fast.
Pro democracy activists hold sign, credit Drew Angerer, Getty Images


Wednesday October 11, 2023

  • How a California tribe won their ancestral land back
  • A trans teen in an anti-trans state
  • How the Supreme Court set the stage for today’s massive blowback to multiracial power
  • SCOTUS right flank’s effort to dismantle defendants rights is nearly complete