ABA Judicial Internship Opportunity Program

Legal Empowerment

Leadership Pathways


2022, 2023, 2024

Housed within the Litigation Section of the American Bar Association, the Judicial Intern Opportunity Program (JIOP) works to fill a gap by giving law students opportunities to excel and become part of the solution by including and assisting underrepresented law students and providing them with essential tools. This increased knowledge and skills help catapult them into successful legal careers where they can serve in government, law firms, as law clerks and the judiciary. JIOP exposes law students to a summer working with a judge and prepares students to succeed with increased writing skills, better decision-making, mentoring and programming. Former JIOP interns often credit their time with the program in assisting them finding their first position post law school and the JIOP community continues to support our more than 3,000 alums with programming and a community that supports their advancement and growth. JIOP participants achieve positive long-term outcomes, such as graduating from law school and obtaining a job of choice—all leading to greater diversity in the legal profession and judiciary, helping to close the gap. The American Bar Association Judicial Internship Opportunity Program has received $30,000 in funding for 2022 and 2023 and $40,000 for 2024.